Who is antonio villaragosa dating

Coincidentally or not, that was the same month that Los Angeles Magazine ran its instantly famous cover of Villaraigosa and the blaring headline “Failure.”He ran for re-election against minimal opposition yet managed only 55% of the vote.His second term was better — it couldn’t have been worse than the first — but it hardly swung his legacy.Everyone wants to know: Will An Vil run for the Senate seat that Barbara Boxer is vacating in 2016? Seemingly every few days there’s another story built around people “close to Villaraigosa” and stating that he is talking to donors and Democratic leaders and is leaning toward running.The guy is milking the situation like a dairy farmer, and he hasn’t had to spend a dime of campaign funds. Heaven forbid, will Villaraigosa figure out a way to reveal his intentions via the dating/insta-bonking site Tinder?Sure, he had the misfortune to assume office shortly before the onset of a brutal recession.However, the recession had nothing to do with his biggest goofs, including a botched attempt to seize control of the LAUSD, the affair that killed his marriage and hammered his reputation, and the personal ambition that diluted his attention from running the city.13 has been uniformly positive, and Harris is already sucking up money and securing endorsements, including from local players such as District Attorney Jackie Lacey and City Council President Herb Wesson. City Hall has become a pretty boring place without An Vil, and the lack of a qualified competitor to Harris would water down the race.His candidacy would, at minimum, make for a better contest and be at least as entertaining as an episode of “The Walking Dead.”What happens next? So the question remains: Antonio, Antonio, what art thou thinking, Antonio?

Initial speculation centers on the Latino voting bloc and implies that Villaraigosa would have a strong base in L.

Not since Arnold Schwarzenegger pondered running for governor have Californians clucked so loudly over a potential candidacy. Will he swipe right if he wants to hook up with California?

After playing coy for months, Schwarzenegger finally threw his hat in the ring during an appearance on Jay Leno’s show, and my how dated that seems. One-Hit Wonder The fact that some people are seriously discussing a Villaraigosa candidacy is wacky.

It’s also not as if An Vil has set the world on fire since departing, that he took time off and came back stronger and wiser a la Jerry Brown.

In the past two years Villaraigosa has done a lot of consulting, which is a great way to make bank, as big corporations love to trot out a telegenic former mayor.

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