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I have no game, and so it’s very hard for me to get my friends’ advice for what to say.

In the past year alone, Breslin has played an avenging murderess in Still, Breslin has managed to stay out of mass media’s tight, warping grasp—aside from the time that she came to Selena Gomez’s defense, that is—and so while it may sound cliché, she’s a surprisingly normal 19-year-old. What motivated you to write a book in the first place?

I don’t want to annoy you.” And then they’re usually weirded out as hell, and they’re like, “Umm okay she’s a stage-five clinger,” and then they send something back like, “Oh no, I’m sorry I was working.” And then they’re working all the damn time. That’s why I just hate dating in so many ways, because it’s all about the anxiety if he’s going to text me. I try to follow the 10:1 rule—it’s in my book, there’s a chapter about it—that my friend Nick Simmons told me to do. And what’s a good first-date option if you don’t know the person very well? And be like, “You have to try these rainbow cookies”—bring it up in conversation beforehand. I don’t know why I acted like that, but I knew that it was going to be bad. He was like, “You.....really great.” And I’m just like, “Yeah, you know, kind of tired today, and I actually need to go. And then the next time he asked me out, I was like, “My feet hurt. There’s not really an easy way to let someone off, especially before you’re actually “together” in some way. Have a friend call you, and that you can text, and be like, “OMG no way! “And I just feel really bad because, like, she just moved here for him and she’s from Jamaica, and she doesn’t know anybody else but I told her that I was committed to this.” And then they’ll feel bad if they’re normal. I’m just really caught up in my friend’s situation; I can’t get into any relationship.” Boom!

Because if you text him first, you just feel like you’re annoying him and he’s only texting you because you text him. And it’s like, the guy needs to text you first 10 times, and initiate it. I’m so—oh my god, hold on—I’m at this thing right now that I can’t leave... No, I’ll just have to tell him I can’t—I’ll just—no I’m going to have to stay.” And he’ll sit there and be like, “Her poor friend.” Just make up something crazy, like your friend’s boyfriend’s leg just got severed by their lawnmower. T-shirt by NYCT, shorts by ASOS, hat by Eugenia Kim, Breslin’s own shoes.

So, I started a Tumblr blog and after a couple of days of posting blogs, people were messaging me and being like, “Wow, I’m going through the exact same thing right now with a guy,” and it made me feel like, “Oh wow, I’m not insane, friends.” And it was great and I just kept writing. And it was sad for me because I don’t know what I was thinking and what was going on in my head.

And about a year ago, I got a call from a book agent asking if I wanted to write a book. I was mad at a guy and I was like, “I’m getting Tinder!

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