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Germans lived under such imposed divisions throughout the ensuing Cold War.

Into the s, the Soviet Union experienced a period of economic and political stagnationand they correspondingly decreased intervention in Eastern Bloc politics.

As such, the enlarged Federal Republic of Germany retained the West German seats in international organizations including the European Community later the Single deutsche frauen Union and NATOwhile relinquishing membership in the Warsaw Pact and other international organizations to only East Germany belonged.

Single deutsche frauen also maintains the United Nations membership of the old West Germany.

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The East German mark had been almost worthless outside East Germany for some time before the events of —90, and the collapse of the East German economy further magnified the problem.Agnieszka is a journalism graduate of the University of Warsaw.Radosław has been planning and implementing comprehensive PR and marketing campaigns for 8 years now.Further inspired by other images of brave defiancea wave of revolutions swept throughout the Eastern Click at this page that year.The turning point in Germany, called " Die Wende ", was marked by the " Peaceful Revolution " leading to the removal of the Berlin Wall with East and West Germany subsequently entering into negotiations toward eliminating the division that had been imposed upon Germans more than four decades earlier.

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