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Yavaş yavaş soyunan Mia müşterine amını yalatarak zevke gelir.

Müşteri yarrağını Mia'nın ağzına verir ve mia elleriyle b...

Pavel Durov, chief executive officer of Telegram, said on Twitter that Iran was "blocking access ...

for the majority of Iranians" after protesters used the popular messaging application to plan and publicise demonstrations.

Azgın Cory Chase oğlunu mutfak tezgahına yatırıyor ...

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Videos posted on Twitter by the New-York based Center for Human Rights in Iran appeared to show police in riot gear clashing with protesters outside the gates to Tehran University.

Users said on Sunday that they could no longer access the popular application via cellphone networks, though it was still available via Wifi and home internet connections.

Earlier on Sunday, Mehr, the semi-official Iranian news agency, reported that at least two protesters died on Saturday night in Dorud, a city in western Iran.

In response to Trump, Bahram Qassemi, spokesman for Iran's foreign ministry, called the US president's warnings "cheap, worthless and invalid", according to the semi-state news agency Fars.

"Iranian people feel no value for the opportunistic claims of the US officials and Mr.

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