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I know it's an older scent and I'm in my 50's so maybe it just suits me.

No crazy over the top compliments just you smell nice usually when hugging hello or goodbye. Concur with the statements of the initial spray being a bit much, but it really does settle down to a quite pleasant scent. There are the florals (but not in a feminine way) the tobacco, and fir, but they all blend together nicely. I wear it during this period, and I enjoy his great smell every time I use it, makes my day more pleasant ..

My wife and I get a bleach-like laundry detergent vibe from it. I tested on my skin and clothes, and it made no difference.

In fact, I wore a few sprays to work and my business partner commented. The top notes do calm down in 15 minutes and then tobacco and lavender comes through, and both notes are very detectable.

It smells well-balanced and made with higher-quality ingredients, but it makes me think of the really expensive stores in shopping malls. Impersonal, slightly cold, and surrounded by stuff that costs too much.

I remember this smell as a teen in the 90s, I remember smelling this on random people as I passed by in the mall, on the street, in a store. Other people will smell you when you walk into the room and it lasts all day long. It oddly has a smell that just isn't good anymore in these modern days.

Being a strong scents lover, this frag (an EDT) is only second to Bvlgary Man in Black (an EDP) inside the Bvl line of perfumes.

My rates for BVL Dreamer: Scent: 9.0 Longevity: 8.5 (above average) Sillage: 7.5 (above average) Uniqueness: 9.5 Wearability: 9.0 (any season, day or night) Versatility: 6.0 (you may kill somebody if you use it in the Gymn) Quality: 9.0 Price: 9.0 (You may get a good deal most of the times) Overall rating: 8.4/10.0 This one is weird.

This frag begins with a strong lavender that will lead you to a strong pipe tobacco note.

The tobacco persists with the growing tonka note for the dry down.

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