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The waters features include large reed beds and numerous overhanging trees and bushes. Features: Reeds, Overhanging trees and bushes Lake Size: 1/2 acre Lake Depth: 3-6ft Swims: 6-8 Brook Pit is one of the smaller waters on the complex.

The water is a small oval shaped pond that is approximately 1/4 in size. Successful baits on this water include luncheon meat, maggots, casters, lobworm and boilies.

The waters are spread across miles of secluded woods which team with woodland wildlife including a number of kingfishers.

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Great Pond is packed with features including lilly pads, reeds, weed beds, an island and a few overhanging trees and bushes. The water has approximately 10-12 swims that are generally slightly sloped grass banks.

Brook pit has a scattering of overhanging trees and bushes and a small reed bed. Features: Reeds, Overhanging trees and bushes Lake Size: 1/4 acre Lake Depth: 3-7ft Swims: 5 The Lagoon is a long, narrow, 1 acre lake situated on the outskirts of the wood, located at the bottom of a field.

The water has got reeds in the margins and a number of overhanging trees and bushes on the far bank. There are approximately 6-8 swims that are flat grass banked pegs that are slightly raised from the waters edge.

Features on this water include a number of overhanging trees and bushes and reed beds.

Banky Fork is one of the deeper waters on the Horam Manor complex with depths of upto 7 feet.

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